European Policies Programme: Projects

Bulgarian Participation in the EU Decision Taking Process after 01.01.2007

Civic Monitoring on the Progress of Bulgaria and Romania towards Accession to the Schengen Area

Civil Monitoring for the Accession of Bulgaria to the EU

Civil Society Index

Code of Ethics for the Bulgarian NGO Sector

Distance Learning of the State Administration on the EU Pre-Accession Funds

Group for European Forecasts and Research (GEFR)

Improving the Public Image of the NGOs

Online Learning Platform Openonline.Org

Strategy for Strengthening the Sustainability of the Non-Governmental Sector in Bulgaria

Technical Assistance for the Phare Cross-Boarder Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey Program

Two Years after the EU Accession – Risks and Challenges to the New Member States

The First Programming Period in Bulgaria 2007-2013: Analysis and Assessment