Albania and Macedonia Have Great Ambitions of Joining the EU


Until quite recently they said there might be no European prospect [for Albania and Macedonia – editor’s note] at all and no negotiations start date, since at least three countries – France, Holland and Denmark – opposed. Therefore, this is good news for the two countries, as well as for Bulgaria which set this priority and has been supporting it all the time.

This is what Marin Lessenski, Program Director at Open Society Institute – Sofia, said in an interview for Bloomberg TV on the decision of the EU to set a start date for the negotiations of Albania’s and Macedonia’s membership in June next year.

At the same time Lessenski expressed doubts the following EU member states were going to be Albania and Macedonia. If we follow the enlargement logic, we will see that the Commission adopted a document at the begging of the year whereby Montenegro and Serbia were to join the union. They are already negotiating – opening and closing chapters. Following this logic, Macedonia and Albania are to come after them, Marin Lessenski said.

The whole interview Albania and Macedonia Have Great Ambitions of Joining the EU for Bloomberg TV.