Bulgarians Want the Eurozone, but not the Euro


Over 40% of Bulgarians support the country’s accession to the Eurozone. Paradoxically, only 22 percent agree that the euro replaces the lev – one of the main, obligatory consequences of the entry into the monetary union. This share includes almost half of those who approve the country’s membership of the Eurozone.

This is what the online newspaper Mediapool says, referring to data of a national representative survey carried out by Open Society Institute – Sofia.

The paradoxical result from the survey is explained by the lack of understanding of what the Eurozone is. Most probably some of the citizens are now aware that the membership of the Eurozone is connected with the substitution of the euro for the lev and are likely to approve anything European at an abstract level, but do not accept its practical application in the country, Marin Lessenski, Program Director at OSI-S, says cited by Mediapool.

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