The Majority of Bulgarians Feel They are not Represented in the Democratic Institutions


The survey of the public attitudes towards democracy, the rule of law and human rights is already the third in a row and some of the trends are not at all positive, Ivanka Ivanova, Legal Program Director at Open Society Institute – Sofia, said in Before Everyone radio program.

The majority of the people – 45% – think democracy is the best form of governance for Bulgaria, but we see that in the three years during which we have been observing this issue – since 2015 – the share of the people who give a positive answer to this question has been gradually going down. If in 2015 it was 52%, over half of the respondents, in 2018 it is 45 percent, Ivanova claimed in an interview for Before Everyone program of the Bulgarian National Radio.

The survey shows a dramatic drop in the membership of political parties and trade unions. The representation of the citizens in other types of public organizations remains low too.

78 percent of the respondents do not belong to any organization. The rate of the membership of political parties remains very low too.

The confidence in NGOs is over 20%, but people find it hard to judge this category of organizations, because there is not enough information about their activity, Ivanova added.

The whole interview of Ivanka Ivanova for BNR.