Dimitar Dimitrov: Educated Roma Become a Model for the Community


The number of university graduates among the Roma in Bulgaria has been constantly increasing – with very slow rates, but constantly. If in 2007 the share of the university graduates of Roma origin was 0.2 %, today it is between 1 % and 1.5 %, which is a dramatic increase. The same rates are observed in terms of high school graduates. If between 2005 and 2007 they varied between 7 and 8 percent of the Roma population, today they are between 15 and 18 %, depending on the region and the environment they live in. This is what Dimitar Dimitrov of Open Society Institute – Sofia, who is also Programme Manager of the Bridge to Business Programme, said in an interview for Hristo Botev broadcast of the Bulgarian National Radio.

According to Dimitrov this process is due both to the global processes of communication development and the advance in science and technology, and largely to the work of the non-governmental organizations. And this is happening slowly just because it is NGOs that engage in the process, not the state, whose main function is to implement public policies improving the situation of society, Dimitrov said for BNR.

Once out of the neighborhood and with a good job, educated Roma become a model for younger representatives of their community and are often more than willing to help others, Dimitar Dimitrov added. He also presented the main objectives of the Bridge to Business Programme to the listeners of BNR.

The complete recording og the programme The Other Roma of BNR.