Youth Unemployment – Trends and Prospects


When the social contract doesn’t work, the corporate sector may turn out to be the necessary regulator to put order in this sphere. This is what Dimitar Dimitrov, Programme Manager of the Bridge to Business Programme, said during the work meeting Youth Unemployment – Trends and Prospects. He also pointed out that the international companies with representative offices in our country seem to be more sensitive to issues such as social responsibility and are more likely to apply diversity policies than purely Bulgarian companies – a deficit that needs to be tackled with time.

The Roma community is the most considerable resource we have at our disposal, but we, the business, not only don’t make proper use of it, but even try to avoid it, Oleg Stoilov, Head of the Bulgarian Chamber of Trade and Commerce (Stara Zagora), added. He insisted the business should consider this resource as soon as possible and acclaimed the Bridge to Business Programme, which was presented during the event.

In the work meeting, organized by World without Borders Association in cooperation with Stara Zagora district administration and BCTC (Stara Zagora), participated also Petya Chakarova (Deputy District Governor of Stara Zagora), as well as over 30 representatives of employers’ organizations, the private sector,  employment offices, the Employment Agency, as well as district non-governmental organizations.

Other participants in the meeting were Liliya Dragoeva and Georgi Georgiev of the Center for the Study of Democracy, who presented results from The Youth Guarantee Programme and its impact among young people of Roma origin.