Salaries of young university graduates – from BGN 570 to BGN 3800


The difference between the university major with the highest average salary for the graduates and the one with the lowest salary is over 6 times. At the top of the taxable income are the graduates form the major Informatics and Computer Science from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrisdski”. Their average taxable income is BGN 3805. At the other end of the classification stand the young graduates from Social Activities in the Medical University of Pleven with BGN 568 average monthly salary.

This is what an analysis discussing the newest issue of the Bulgarian University Ranking System states, published in the electronic edition

The Ranking System is prepared on the basis of quantitative indicators and does not explore the reasons why university applicants still continue to choose majors which would not bring them higher income or even job according o their qualification. The possible reasons are several.

First of all, there are fewer places in universities for the IT majors compared to the economic ones. Secondly, you should have higher diploma grades in order to be admitted to these majors, most of the admission exams are more difficult and require deeper knowledge in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. As the Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev commented recently, the interest for these fields should be encouraged starting from the first years in school and thus the choice of university education will be predetermined earlier.

Full text of the analysis Payment of young university graduates – from BGN 570 to BGN 3800 in (in Bulgarian).