Income depends not only on what you graduated but also where


The main tendencies [in the new issue of the University Ranking System editor’s note] are three – the number of students diminishes, job opportunities of university graduates improve and scientific publications of universities tend to increase. At the same time there is a process of gradual rationalization of the choice of university applicants and directing of more students to professional fields which traditionally offer better job opportunities for graduates on the labor market on account of a greater decrease of the share of students who have been admitted to professional fields in terms of which during transitional periods we have encountered relatively fewer job opportunities for the graduates.

This was what Georgi Stoytchev, Executive Director of the Open Society Institute – Sofia said in an interview for 24 Chasa daily.

The most visible examples in this respect are related to providing information on the number of students in the two largest professional fields in the Bulgarian university education – Administration and Management and Economics, Stoytchev explained. The fall of the number of students in these fields since 2013 is about and over 30% while the number of students in the professional field of Medicine has been rising by over 80%. The number of students in other fields also increases and there are good indicators in terms of finding a job of the graduates. Such fields are for example Dental Medicine, Health Care and Military Affairs.

The Ranking System has received its international acknowledgement a long time ago, Stoytchev also said. According to academic publications, it is the first of its kind and marks the beginning of the so-called third wave in the development of ranking systems around the world. It is considered to be one of the best examples of its kind and one of the most innovative ranking systems. In this regard, Bulgaria is among the international leaders and, in a few other countries, the university applicants have access to such profound and reliable information about universities, especially as far as job opportunities of graduates are concerned, he added.

Full text of the interview Income depends not only on what you graduated but also where for 24 Chasa newspaper (in Bulgarian only).