Media literacy is possible to learn


Education and media freedom are the two most important components of media literacy. When poor media freedom and inadequate education coincide, we already have a problem. This is the opinion expressed in the “Horizon by noon” radio program by Marin Lessenski, Director of the European Policies Program at the Open Society Institute – Sofia. “There is a close correlation between media and education, that is, in countries where there are free media, the quality of education is high and vice versa,” Lessenski said.

The media environment and media literacy in Bulgaria are topics of discussion today aimed at non-governmental organizations which develop in these areas, including smaller or new organizations with interests in this field. Marin Lessenski highlighted the close relation between media literacy and fake news: “The traditional media are under pressure. Journalists just cannot protect information and check what is true and what is not. People have an access to information, especially in social media – everybody has an access to everything. That’s why it is important how a person decides which information is reliable and which is fake.”

Full interview of Marin Lessenski for the Bulgarian National Radio.