Diversity in the workplace – why and how?


The handbook “Diversity in the workplace – why and how?” presents different approaches for developing and managing a diversity and inclusion policies. The handbook has been prepared by a team of Bridge to Business Programme: Dimitar Dimitrov, Theodora Ivanova-Valeva and Anita Jones.

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the practices and methodologies used for designing and managing inclusion and diversity policies at European and international level, our team held meetings, interviews and surveys with representatives of a number of companies operating in Bulgaria such as Adecco Bulgaria, Alcomed, Coca-Cola, Job Tiger, Economedia, EnhanCV, EY Bulgaria, Lidl Bulgaria, Miroglio, SAP Labs Bulgaria, Sirma Solution, Starbucks, Hilton, etc. Our interviews and enquiries aimed at studying the current situation in human resources management and diversity management in Bulgaria. The opinions shared by diversity and inclusion and human resources experts, their experience, practical methods and ideas have been invaluable for the development of this topic in Bulgaria and are an important part of the proposed solutions in the guide.

Full text of the Diversity in the workplace – why and how? handbook.