The Media Literacy Index presented at “Fostering Democratic Resilience in the Digital Age” Event


Marin Lessenski presented the Media Literacy Index of OSI-Sofia at the multidisciplinary experts’ conference: “Fostering Democratic Resilience in the Digital Age”, which took place on November 25 and 26, 2019 in Tel Aviv and was organized by the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI) and Heinrich Böll Foundation Tel Aviv. 

The event aimed at bringing together leading experts to jointly identify and discuss some of the most pressing challenges to democracy in the digital age and reflect on international case-studies and best-practices to inspire the development of innovative and constructive solutions.

The Media Literacy Index, which measures the resilience potential of societies to the ‘post-truth’ phenomenon and fake news, was in line with the overarching topic of the conference for fostering democratic resilience in the new media and communication context. Marin Lessenski presented the key takeaways of the index (see the previous 2017 and 2018 editions) with a focus on the findings of the new Media Literacy Index 2019 about the relation between quality of education and media freedom, media literacy and corruption perceptions. In addition, there was a strong focus on the new index results on media literacy scores and the current levels of trust in societies, especially those in scientists and journalists (see the new index 2019 report).

In his presentation, Marin Lessenski also suggested possible approaches to tackling the negative effects of ‘post-truth’ and misinformation. Among them is the „education before regulation“ approach with functional education, specialized media literacy, digital literacy as well as “back to basics” approach with upholding media freedom, rebuilding trust in societies, and engagements of civil society actors in educational activities, helping updating media codes of ethics for the current times, contribution to fact-checking and generally support to independent, professional media, considering regulations according to the context to avoid new infringements on free speech

Power point presentation of the Media Literacy Index for the event

Full text of the report The Media Literacy Index 2019