Top 10 Professional Fields with the Largest Number of Students in 2020

Bulgarian higher education institutions offer training in hundreds of majors, grouped into 52 professional fields. The professional field of Economics is the most numerous one among all professional fields in Bulgarian higher education. In 2020, more than 30 900 current students are enrolled in various majors in this field, according to the data from the Bulgarian University Ranking System. Economics is followed by the fields of Pedagogy, Administration and Management and Medicine as in each of them between 12 000 and 16 000 students are enrolled. As of April 2020, the total number of current students in Bulgaria is 198 428 and 58% of them are enrolled in the top 10 of the largest professional fields in Bulgaria by number of students. The professional field “Аrts Theory” is the field with the smallest number of current students – only 44.

Source: Bulgarian University Ranking System 2020

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