Top 10 Professional Fields with the Largest Share of Foreign Students

Bulgarian higher education institutions (HEIs) offer training in hundreds of majors, grouped into 52 professional fields. The professional field of Medicine ranks first in terms of foreign students’ share, among all professional fields in Bulgarian higher education. The share of foreign students of all current students, who study “Medicine”, is 56%, according to data from the Bulgarian University Ranking System edition for 2020. “Medicine” is followed by “Dental Medicine” with 42% of foreign students, “Veterinary Medicine” with 33% and “Pharmacy” with 13%. As of April 2020, in general, foreign students represent 8% of all 198 428 students enrolled in Bulgarian HEIs. In 18 professional fields the respective shares of foreign students are below 2%, and in 3 of them there are no students  from abroad at all, namely “Materials and Science of Materials”, “Metallurgy” and “Livestock Breeding”.

Source: Bulgarian University Ranking System 2020

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