Media Literacy and Trust in the Spotlight series of the IPPI


In a new paper, published by the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), Marin Lessenski explores the relationship between media literacy and trust as tool for building resilience against the infodemic  in the 35 European countries and Israel along a comparable set of indicators. The infodemic at the time of Covid-9 pandemic witnesses the surge of dis- and misinformation, when trust in authorities, the media and in scientists is constantly put to the test.

The report is based on the Media Literacy Index of the Open Society Institute – Sofia, which is not an instrument for measuring media literacy itself, but rather, predictors of media literacy, with the aim of ranking societies in 35 European countries according to their potential for resilience in the face of the post-truth phenomenon.

The article Vaccination to Fake News Wanted: The Media Literacy Index and the Issue of Trust is part of the IPPI Spotlight series.