Bulgaria Ranks Last in EU in Media Literacy Index


Bulgaria ranks last among EU countries in the Media Literacy Index for 2023, the Open Society Institute – Sofia Foundation said in a press release on Sunday.

The country takes the 35th place out of 41 ranked countries in Europe, which puts it among the nations most vulnerable to misinformation.

The index measures the potential vulnerability of societies to misinformation and related negative phenomena based on indicators of education quality, media freedom, trust in people and e-participation.

With a score of 31 points out of a maximum of 100, Bulgaria is still ahead of neighbouring Turkiye (36th place with 29 points) and the Republic of North Macedonia (39th place with 22 points), but behind Serbia (31st place with 33 points) and Romania (34th place with 32 points).

According to the cluster analysis, dividing the countries in the ranking by groups with similar characteristics, Bulgaria falls in the 4th to last cluster together with Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Turkiye. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Kosovo and Georgia are in the last 5th cluster, which includes the countries with the lowest scores.

Full text of the publication Bulgaria Ranks Last in EU in Media Literacy Index in Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).