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This document specifies the policy of Open Society Institute-Sofia Foundation (OSI-Sofia) regarding the receipt and processing of information about the users visiting the websites supported by OSI-Sofia:;;;;;;;

This document is an integral part of the general Terms of Use of our websites. To make sure you receive the most appropriate information and the best quality services when visiting our websites, we use the so-called cookies. They help us (as well as other authorized third persons) adopt a personalized approach regarding the use of our services, to improve them and provide you with a more relevant content.

In this Cookies Policy you could find information about the technologies we use, how they work and what is your choice regarding their use.
If you don’t want to accept cookies or want to select more specific settings, you can find more information about that in this Policy.

What are cookies?

HTTP Cookies are small text files which the web server may record on your device/browser when you visit any of our websites. Next time you visit a page of the website, the browser sends information back to the server in the cookies. Cookies are an important component for the correct functioning of each website.

For the purposes of this Policy and to avoid any doubt, the term includes other similar technical mechanisms, apart from HTTP Cookies, by means of which your browser allows the local storage of information, for example: Web Storage (Local Storage и Session Storage), Indexed Database API (IndexedDB), Web SQL Database, Local shared objects (Flash Cookies), Web beacons.

We and our service providers may use the following types of cookies:

Еssential cookies

They are necessary for our websites to perform their basic functions. Our websites could not function without them. Such cookies are: for user sessions and auxiliary functions related to them. If you ban these cookies, you won’t be able to log in your profile on our websites, you won’t be able to file project proposals for funding at, for example, and perform other activities as well.

Performance and functionality cookies

These cookies are used for other important functions such as:

  • To recognize you when you visit our websites again or use our services;
  • To remember user’s preferences (for instance the settings you chose);
  • To recommend you services corresponding to your preferences;
  • To collect information about the way visitors use our websites so that we could maintain them in their best form and improve our services;
  • For temporary storage of anonymous information which helps us to provide you with the best possible relative offers;
  • For other auxiliary functions.

If you delete these cookies, our websites will have very restricted functionality and won’t be able to operate properly and provide good quality services.

Third party cookies aiming to increase traffic

OSI-Sofia uses external services that may generate cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. They contain anonymized information. These external services gather anonymously statistical information about the traffic to our website so that we could follow the effectiveness of our services and improve them. Such an external tracking service is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics uses various tracking technologies, including IP address, GPS, and other sensors that can, for instance, provide Google with information about the nearby devices, Wi-Fi access and charge points. You can find more information about how Google Analytics uses these data on the page How Google Uses Information from Sites or Apps that Use our Services (at or at any other electronic address where Google may publish these conditions). Please check the Google page regularly for any changes or updates of these conditions and the information collected by Google Analytics.

Third party advertising cookies

We use external services – advertising networks which generate cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. They contain anonymized information. These external services are intended to facilitate advertising campaigns. They may use cookies to identify and personalize advertisements for our platform on external websites and services. Facebook Ads is such external advertising platform.

Third party functionality cookies

Some cookies are set in connection with tools of third parties we have integrated in our websites. For example, Facebook API (the options for Log in with Facebook, Like on Facebook, etc.) and Google API (the options for Log in with your Google account, Share in Google+, See on the Map, etc.), which may generate cookies in order to function. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. We ourselves cannot provide any technical means to ban them. Therefore, if you don’t want to accept them, you should not use the above external tools integrated in our websites.
We do our best to ensure that the third parties we cooperate with are duly checked and with unquestioned authority and professionalism.

Cookies generated when visitors of our websites click on an advertisement on our websites, located in an external site of a third party, cannot be controlled in advance by the user, i.е. they are set by default and are read by our websites after the visitor comes from a third party website. Cookies operating on this principle in order to perform the functions of our affiliate advertising system are not unique for the visitor and could not lead to their identification.

Setting and deleting cookies

You can choose whether or not to accept cookies, as well as which type of cookies you would like to accept, as follows:

  • By setting your browser. You can explicitly ban or restrict cookies through the settings of your web browser. Each modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) offers possibilities for:

– settings for accepting cookies – banning and allowing (both in general and by website);

– reviewing the generated cookies;

– deleting the generated cookies.

It is important to note that deactivating the cookies functions of the browser may make it impossible for you to use our services since our websites cannot perform their main functions without the essential cookies.

External tool settings

Google tools in the form of  browser plug-ins where you can easily ban the service Google Analytics from using your data, which is often utilized by many websites to track the visits and collect statistical information. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

Settings of the Google platform regarding cookies generated and managed on their part with advertising purposes:

Settings of the Facebook platform regarding cookies generated and managed on their part with advertising purposes:

Changes in the Cookies Policy

Any future changes in our Cookies Policy will be published on this webpage.


If you have any questions, comments or claims regarding this Cookies Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at the email addresses specified on the contact page

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