General Terms of Use of OSI-S Websites

Please read the General terms of use of the websites of Open Society Institute – Sofia. If you don’t agree with them, please stop using the websites.


Art. 1. These General Terms settle the relationship between Open Society Institute-Sofia (OSI-Sofia) regarding the use of its websites:;;;;;;; (hereinafter referred to as the Websites) and any person visiting its webpages (hereinafter referred to as User).

Art. 2. The Websites are particular places on the Internet, accessible through their unified address (URL) by HTTP, HTTPS or another standardized protocol and containing files, text, sound, pictures, video, images and any other materials, resources and objects.

Art. 3. The General Terms represent a legally binding agreement regarding the provision of services on the part of the Websites (owned by Open Society Institute-Sofia, Company ID Code 831524005 and registered address: 56, Solunska St, Sofia) and their use on the part of any User.


Art.  4. By these General Terms OSI-Sofia provides free of charge the services of its Websites in compliance with the conditions specified below.

Art. 5. The services of the Websites include access to the information resources and data provided through a web browser.

Art. 6. The User of the Websites agrees and undertakes to use the information and services provided solely in compliance with the condition of these General Terms.

Art. 7. (1) The use of part of the services of some  Websites is possible after registration (for the websites:;;

(2) No registration is necessary to use the other websites OSI-Sofia:;;;;, as well as some of the services of the websites specified in para 1.

Art. 8. By loading any of the Websites the User agrees to be bound by these General Terms and any subsequent amendments thereof and shall observe them.

8.1OSI-Sofia may amend, supplement or remove any of these General Terms of Use at any time. All changes shall be presented on this page and shall come into force upon their publication.

8.2. It is the responsibility of the User to read them before using any of the Websites. By continuing to use the Websites, the User agrees with all changes.

Art. 9. When using the Websites, the User shall neither violate the rights and interests of any third persons, nor carry out any malicious acts.

Art. 10. Any malicious acts are prohibited, including (but not limited to):

10.1 acts or omissions violating the Internet ethics and/or causing harm to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks,

10.2. sending unsolicited mail,

10.3. channel flooding,

10.4. gaining access to resources with the rights of others and passwords,

10.5. using flaws in the systems for personal benefit or to obtain information,

10.6. performing actions which may be classified as industrial espionage or sabotage,

10.7. damaging or destroying systems or data sets,

10.8. sending or causing systems for unauthorized remote control or virus installation,

10.9. disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks,

10.10. committing any acts that may be classified as a crime or administrative violation under the Bulgarian legislation or other applicable law.


Art. 11. All texts, graphics, photo images, videos or audio files published on the Websites are protected by the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act and are owned by OSI-Sofia or their authors or holders of exclusive rights to use. Their unauthorized use represents an offence and entails civil, administrative and criminal liability in compliance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

Art. 12. Texts and graphics of the Websites may be used and published only when their source is duly specified.

Art. 13. For each use, including, but not limited to: publication, reproduction, distribution, presentation of photo images, videos and audio files, the User shall contact OSI-Sofia in advance using the telephones or e-mails specified on the contact page


Art. 14. OSI-Sofia attaches particular importance to observing the regulations, good practices and transparency in its relations with the Users regarding the protection of personal data.

Art. 15. The policy of OSI-Sofia regarding the protection of personal data is specified in a separate special document.

Art. 16. Each User undertakes to personally acquaint themselves with the Data Protection Policy before visiting the Websites.


Art. 17. Our Websites use the so-called cookies to collect data. Cookies are installed to make full use of the Websites.

Art. 18. The cookies policy is specified in a separate document. Each User undertakes to personally acquaint themselves with the Cookies Policy of OSI-Sofia.


Art. 19. OSI-Sofia puts all efforts to maintain accurate, correct and up-to-date information on its Websites, which does not exclude the possibility of any objective discrepancies or omissions. OSI-Sofia is not liable for any consequences, including any damages in any way caused by or related to the access, use or impossibility to use its Websites. All the information on the Websites is presented in compliance with the current Bulgarian legislation and OSI-Sofia does not guarantee its integrity and security against malicious attacks of any third persons.

Art. 20.  OSI-Sofia is not liable for the content, truthfulness and lawfulness of any references to websites and of services or resources of which the User has become aware while using any of the Websites.

Art. 21. OSI-Sofia is not liable for the subjective perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resource of its Websites.

Art. 22. OSI-Sofia has the right to compensation for damages, expenses and claims of any third persons resulting from any violation of these General Terms and/or unauthorized use of the services on its Websites.