Development of Rankings and Assessments

Apart in surveys on the above topics, the team has also extensive experience in developing information systems of quantity indicators which measure the performance of the subjects studied in a certain socio-economic context. Such examples are the Bulgarian University Ranking System and the Catch-Up Index.

The Institute received wide recognition for its innovative and complex approach in developing elaborate assessment tools. Usually the experts of OSI-Sofia combine a considerable volume of data and a wide range of sources, discussions with interested persons, development of systems of indicators and methodologies for assessment, analysis and making of standardized and customized rankings, etc.

Selected contracts:

  • Updating and maintaining the Bulgarian University Ranking System for 2017 (2017);
  • Updating and maintaining the Bulgarian University Ranking System for 2016 (2016);
  • Carrying out activities aimed at developing the Bulgarian University Ranking System to ensure a methodological update, perform surveys, process and enter data, provide specific software support, including developing new web-functionalities of the platform for university selection, maintenance and publication of the ranking system (2013-2015).
  • Analysis of the correspondence between the professional education offered and the needs of the labor market and development of a model of a unified system for professional education management based on performance indicators and indices included in the web-based platform (2013-2014);
  • Further development and maintenance of the Bulgarian University Ranking System (2011-2012);
  • Assessment of civil society in Bulgaria (the so-called Civil Society Index) (2008-2009) according to an international methodology and as a local partner of CIVICUS and in cooperation with UNDP on a national level.
  • Bulgarian University Ranking System: conducting marketing research and development of a web-based platform for the ranking system according to a project for developing a ranking of the universities in R. Bulgaria (2009-2010).

Open Society Institute-Sofia is often requested to assess the impact of large-scale donor programmes and initiatives. Based on its considerable expertise in combining and applying diverse quantity and quality research methods, the Institute develops assessment methodologies aiming to satisfy the specific needs of the contracting authority and at obtaining the most objective and accurate picture of the impact of the interventions made.

  • Impact assessment of Teach For Bulgaria program funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation (2018);
  • Impact assessment of Schools of the Future program of America for Bulgaria Foundation (2015-2016);
  • Assessment of Expanding the Foster Care Model in Bulgaria project of UNICEF Bulgaria (2012);
  • External assessment of School Healthcare Policies project of the Ministry of Education and Science (2007)