Bulgarian Universities Witness Surge in Scientific Publications

New data gathered for the Bulgarian University Ranking System (BURS) reveals a continuous rise in both the number and impact of scientific publications from Bulgarian higher education institutions (HEIs).

The number of scientific publications by Bulgarian HEIs in the Web of Science bibliographic database for the five-year period of 2018-2022 exceeds 24,000, more than doubling the number of publications produced in the previous five-year period (2013-2017) which stood at around 11,500.

Similarly, in Scopus, the number of publications for the period 2018-2022 is more than 27,000, surpassing over two times the number of publications for the previous five-year period (2013-2017) which was approximately 11,400.

The Hirsch Index (h-index), a widely recognized measure of research impact and productivity, also witnessed a rise. When comparing the two time periods, the h-index for Bulgarian higher education institutions as a whole has soared from 85 to109 in Web of Science and from 77 to 111 in Scopus.


The ranking system is available in both Bulgarian and English on its website: https://rsvu.mon.bg

The data for the 2023 ranking system has been updated and compiled by the “OSI-S” consortium, composed of the Open Society Institute – Sofia and Sirma Solutions.