The objectives of Open Society Institute – Sofia are: democratization of public life in Bulgaria; extension and guaranteeing of civil liberties; strengthening of civil society sector institutions; European integration and regional cooperation of Bulgaria.

The Institute is developing programmes and carrying out activities to achieve its objectives. Its strategy for the 2024-2025 period envisages working on the following priorities and programmes:


Good Governance

Rule of Law and Human Rights

European Policies

Civic Participation


Governance and Public Policies

Legal Programme


European Policies

Public Debate

Active Citizens

Good Governance Priority

Governance and Public Policies Programme  

Through the Governance and Public Policies Programme the Institute will work on promoting evidence-based civic participation in formulating and monitoring public policies and on informed public debate in the fields of education, social integration and economic development.

Rule of Law and Human Rights Priority

Legal Programme

Through the Legal Programme the Institute will encourage the efforts at the practical application of the common European principles of rule of law and human rights protection.

Roma Programme

The Roma Programme will work on promoting the full integration of the Roma in Bulgarian society with a focus on educational integration and labor market inclusion, as well as on informed public debate and the rejection of the existing stereotypes.

European Policies Priority

European Policies Programme

The European Policies Programme will work on raising public awareness of the EU integration processes and informed civic participation in the processes of formulation and evaluation of the common European policies and processes.

Civic Participation Priority

Public Debate Programme

The Programme aims at creating prerequisites for informed public debate in support of democratic values, tolerance in society and the opportunities for informed civic participation.

Active Citizens

The main priority of the Institute within this programme is the successful implementation of Active Citizens Fund in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism.

Open Society Institute – Sofia Foundation, in partnership with Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, was elected Fund Operator of Active Citizens Fund in Bulgaria within the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

The Active Citizens Fund aims at “Civil society and active citizenship strengthened and vulnerable groups empowered”.

The programme is seeking to support the long-term sustainability and the capacity of the civil sector, as well as its role in encouraging democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights.

Active Citizens Fund will be implemented by organizing, announcing and carrying out calls for proposals in support of civic initiatives, as well as by implementing operational project.


The Institute is carrying out independently or in cooperation with other organizations: economic and social studies; management of funds and programmes supporting civil society; trainings and public discussions; other operational projects and activities contributing to the achievement of its objectives.